Have you ever just had that rush of adrenaline that you would like to relive? Well, when you embark on a Striper Fishing Guide trip with Mason's Guide Services you will be filled with plenty of adrenaline rushes. Clarks Hill Lake is a lake known for catching striper and hybrid bass. Striper and Hybrid are migratory fish and they move every day on Clarks Hill Lake. It takes a special angler to get out on the lake daily and stay on top of the striper/hybrid. Eddie Mason is an icon on Clarks Hill Lake (Strom Thurmond Lake) and is sure to put you on the fish while on his guide trips. Mason's Striper Guide Services have been serving families, friends, churches, and corporations for decades. Fishing with Eddie will leave you with the most memorable fishing trip of a lifetime. Come join Eddie on Clarks Hill Lake and fill a cooler up with fish. While on these guided trips you may also catch a few catfish, crappie, or perch. 

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